The National Digital Architecture Conference 2018:

Sometimes the life of the IT person seems extremely confusing. Had we just become accustomed to the idea that intermediaries would die out, Uber and AirBnB would come to play as an intermediary in markets where we did not have them before. If Microsoft starts adhering to standards, Google, Amazon, Redhat, Heroku and IBM each introduce their own way to put IT in the cloud. And while thousands of architects have certified themselves in TOGAF, we all do Agile.

It is the task of enterprise architects to investigate these contradictions in order to arrive at the underlying principles. Once you have found them, it usually appears that the contradiction is only an illusion. The TOGAF and the agile adept find each other when they agree that thinking about cohesion is the essence of TOGAF and is not forbidden in agile. Internet increases transparency, which sometimes leads to fewer, but often to more intermediaries. And cloud is still in the exploratory phase – those standards will come eventually.

The 20th edition of the National Architecture Congress, the LAC 2018, is about these apparent contradictions in our field. We want to use paradoxes as tools to penetrate to the core of our field. That is what we will do, just like the last two years, in Den Bosch, on 15 and 16 November. We will do that with interesting and inspiring keynote speakers, as you have come to expect from us for 19 editions. We are also continuing a trend that has already started in a modest way in 2017: more variation in the working methods that we use.

The program committee is looking for contributions that address one or more of these roles within the theme Paradoxes in Architecture. The following areas of attention have our special attention:

  • Paradoxes in delivery
  • Paradoxes in blockchain
  • Paradoxes in smart
  • Paradoxes in solution architecture
  • Paradoxes in cloud
  • Paradoxes in privacy
  • Paradoxes in IT-competences

The program committee is looking for proposals addressing of these topics. Opportunities are:

LAC day 1 – Thursday 15 November

  • Organizing a complete track (5 presentations of 30 minutes each)
  • Proposing a ‘single’ presentation (once accepted, it will be incorporated in one of the tracks above)

LAC day 2 – Friday 16 November

  • A ‘free entry’: do you still have a field of tension, but does that not fit as a track or as a single presentation? Make a proposal for an alternative. Make it clear:
    • which message you want to convey and / or what your goal is,
    • which form of work you propose (not in one word, but in a full sentence)
    • why the proposed method and duration are just perfect for the message you want to convey or the goal you want to achieve.

The program committee will carefully assess whether the proposed work method fits the purpose of the contribution and whether it fits the LAC. Contributions are available for 1 or 2 hours. We have a preference for sessions with a lot of interaction, but that has to be worked out well in the description of the submission.
It is allowed to submit proposals (complete tracks or single presentations) that do not fit with these topics. In that case, make clear why the subject should not be absent at the LAC.

The procedure is as follows: send in your proposal for a presentation, track, or other work form before Friday May 4 2018. The committee evaluates all proposals on content and on affiliation with the above mentioned subjects. The committee reserves the right to merge tracks and to allocate single presentations to tracks. You will be notified whether your proposal has been accepted by 1 June at the latest. The LAC will be organized on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 November!

Only proposals that are submitted via the web form will be honored. Fill out the form before Friday May 4. Contact address for questions:

Click here for the Dutch form.

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The call for papers is closed.